Adrienne Aldous, Ph.D., R.D.

The Innovative Nutritionist provides nutritional advice and support for: weight loss, sports nutrition, eating disorders, vegetarianism, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, food allergies, GI disorders, gout, post bariatric surgical consultation, and anyone seeking advice in finding ways to feel better through their diet. Innovation means thinking of ways to make things better, then implementing and monitoring changes and re-evaluating outcomes. This innovative spirit helps each of my clients find the information and motivation they need to obtain the diet outcome they are seeking. I offer medically... 

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The Innovative Nutritionist


Not Losing Weight As Fast As You Want? Try These 6 Proven Steps

I am often faced with clients who tell me they are not losing weight as fast as they want to or expected to for the effort they are... 

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Eating Habits for Weight Loss

I have been thinking a lot about eating habits for weight loss lately.  A recent Salt Lake City client suggested that the reason that... 

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Book Review – Why We Run by Bernd Heinrich, 1995

I just finished reading the book Why We Run and found it to be an interesting read about human and animal evolution relating to movement.... 

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CMS’ Decision to Cover Intensive Behavioral Counseling for Obesity for Eligible Medicare Beneficiaries

It is not secret that we have an epidemic of obesity in America among adults and children alike. Nor is it surprising to know that... 

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